• Oak stained
  • Leather
Product code ML60WOK+CUML60CA
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Description and technical details

Description MoonLounger

This design blinks cautiously to the avant-gardistic creations of Charles Eames. The combined use of traditional raw materials such as wood and leather forms a nice contrast to the contemporary design. Its wooden frame is
united with the hexagonical eye catcher at the back of the chair. The cushions look hard but are in fact incredibly soft and comfortable thanks to the leather finish. The rounded corners give the design a softer and a more feminine touch.

Click here for more information about this product and for a complete overview of the different wood and leather finishes. 

Dimensions - cm/inch
W. 55/21”7 - D. 75/29”5 - H. 70 (34)/27”6 (13”94)
Packaging - cm/inch
W. 59/23”2 - L. 81/31”9 - H. 73/28”7
Weight - kg/lbs
12 (26,5)
Volume - m3

Design is research, study and seeking formal and functional value with the realisation that it does not simply appear out of the blue.

Meet designer

Gerd Couckhuyt

Gerd followed a pure technical formation in an industrial environment context. Later he got several degrees in art, interior design, light consultant and sculpture art. The combination of his technical background and his feeling for creation and art makes him a more complete designer with not only an eye for the visual aspect but also the technical part. His inspiration comes from absorption of daily visual and emotional incentives. Designing objects and interiors is not experienced as an assignment according to Gerd, but more like a distillation and fine tuning of ideas already present in his mind.